safety tips
Being part of our community means following our Terms of service.
Our Safety Tips will give you basic pointers about being smart and responsible on
General safety
When you're online, there are some important safety precautions you should always keep in mind:
Be smart about the content you share. Never share personal information like phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses on your page. Block and report users who break our Terms of service, and tell an adult if you're being targeted. Don't respond to questions that are inappropriate or abusive.
You can turn off anonymous questions in your Privacy settings - this way nobody will be able to ask you anonymously and you'll have a better control over content you receive in your Inbox. Remember that anyone on, and on the Web can see your profile and content, so think before you post!
Questions that cross the line
If you receive a question that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, do not respond to the question, tell a parent, guardian or other trusted adult and block the user who sent it so they can't contact you again. If the person keeps bothering you, report abuse to us by pressing the Report button and to law enforcement.
Anonymity should never be used to ask questions that are mean or hurtful. Asking a question anonymously on hides your name from the person you're asking and from other users. We will never reveal your identity to the user. This can be useful if you're feeling shy or think that the recipient would be more comfortable answering a question without knowing who may have asked it.
If you break the rules, you are responsible - and we can supply identifying information to law enforcement if necessary.